N07 skin care

n07 skin care

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n07 skin care
Also be careful and tie your hair back or your hair with tangle in the spin. Over all good product at a very good price. I am very impressed with No7 skin care.
n07 skin care

No7 beautiful skin Cleansing Brush - boots

The advice is to use it for 30 seconds and I wouldn't use it for longer than this though as it does leave skin a little dry afterwards. For this reason it's not for use on very dry skin. My skin is quite greasy though so it suits just fine. No7 also advise that it is not ued for sensitive skin. I took a risk as my skin is quite sensitive and luckily it just leaves my skin quite tingly and refreshed and not inflamed at all. It is as good as Clarisonic but is not water proof which doesnot bother. It does clean reuma but can leave skin a bit dry if used for longer.

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n07 skin care

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n07 skin care

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No7 beautiful skin Cleansing creme Brush. This item is the much cheaper version of the Clarisonic that i've been looking for! I used to use the botanics face brush, which is lovely but I found the brush bristles would fold in to one another however the bristles on this item stay straight and the circular movements really help to work your cleanser around the skin. I find the first setting which is fairly gentle is best for my cheeks and forehead and would be ideal for sensitve skin but i use the second setting for a deeper clean on my nose and chin which is where i suffer with blocked. After use my skin feels thoroughly cleansed and I would definitely recommend this product. Very effective the brush gives a lovely deep clean and exfoliates really well. It has soft bristles so is quite gentle on the skin.

N07 skin care
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