Lady dior bag strap

lady dior bag strap

Extras-, the bag came with a strap that can be used to wear the bag on your shoulder as opposed to simply holding. Overall this Lady dior replica bag is a good example of what a good replica bag should look like and what you should look for when shopping for one if you decide to go for a replica instead of a used or authentic! Click here to see more detailed pictures of my lady dior replica bag!

The bag also has little pegs at çevresi the bottom to prevent it from getting dirty and also prevents the leather from getting scratched. I personally hate it when brands make bags with delicate leather like lambskin and do not include feet at the bottom (especially if you end up going for the real bag and spending 4 grand but fortunately the lady dior is not one of those. Stitching, the stitching quality of a bag can either make or break a replica, and the case of this Lady dior replica it makes the bag. Each square has a 9 count stitch which is on par with the authentic. Once again making a comparison to Chanel, the stitching is something that easily gives away a fake when it comes to that brand too as you notice an overly puffy classic flap. If your replica does not have a good stitch count on par with the original you dont need to look at any other characteristics as it is bad fake period. Interior, my last and favorite place of a replica bag I peek at in order to judge in order to assess the quality is the interior of the bag. A counter quality bag and a mediocre bag may look similar in many regards however the interior is usually what gives the bag away as fake. Most replica manufacturers use fake leather on the interior of a bag because they are cheap and trying to maximize their dollar made. I always look for a counter quality model of a bag that has real leather or original quality fabric on the interior, and in this case the diors interior is made with real leather trimmings on the interior leather zipper while the actual interior.

lady dior bag strap
poor fakes they are. The features of this specific bag that make it counter quality include the leather quality, the hardware quality, the stitching, the interior of the bag, and the overall feel of the bag. I will go into detail about all those details below: leather quality : The leather of the bag is genuine lambskin leather and I must tell you it is uber supple. Genuine lambskin leather should have a super buttery feel and the leather on this bag gets a big pass when it comes to this criteria. The leather is very comparable to the Chanel classic flap series which should also be super butter-y. If you buy a poor fake with fake leather that would ruin the whole look of this bag as the quality of the leather will be visible from a mile away. Hardware quality : good quality hardware should be as heavy as the original. Some brands have lighter hardware while others have a heavier hardware. Dior is a brand that is in the middle when it comes to hardware heaviness. The charms are a bit heavier than the zipper and handles, but overall the there is a good weight to the hardware on this bag.
lady dior bag strap

Lady dior bag - christian, dior

And for those who have been coveting the bag in other words dying to get one it only gives you an extra reason to move it up on your wishlist! I myself can certainly see why Princess diana loved the bag. It has a regal essence to it and I believe it can make the least sophisticated of gals myself included look a little more elegant by sporting this look. As you can tell from the montage above, princess diana was obsessed with the bag and had the black color in every size and leather! When I decided to get the bag I naturally floated towards picking black myself so hey i guess Lady di and I have something in common when it comes to gravitating towards black accessories! Anyways jokes aside i decided to go time for the lady dior in the original size in black lambskin (not the mini or the large) with gold hardware. I love the look of silver hardware on a lady dior too, but for some reason felt the black really popped out against the black and I fell in love with the look. K.a authentic version of the bag retails for around 4,100 usd while i got mine for less than a 1/10 of that at about 400 usd.

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lady dior bag strap

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lady dior bag strap

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Google is compensated by these merchants. Payment is one of spain several factors used to rank these results. Tax and shipping costs are estimates. Blog de lady addict by lady Addict. LEigiendo las piezas adecuadas según la ocasión el negro siempre, siempre funciona. It bag, the annual must have the replica handbags, in addition to the classic Hermes bikrin, Chanel.55, balenciaga motorcycle bags, this years hot Celine Trapeze. I cant find much difference between the authentic and fake birkin! The replica manufacturer has become so good at copying the bag! Miu miu, handbags, handbags at m, offering the modern energy, style and personalized service of saks Fifth avenue stores, in an enhanced, easy-to-navigate.

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Time for round 2 of my summer hall 17 reviews! This time i will be reviewing the lady dior bag I purchased. The lady dior bag is part of diors timeless classics series, and Im sure we can all agree that the history, structure, and look of the bag all certainly support this. Fun fact do you know vitamine why the lady dior bag is called the lady dior bag? Well after doing some snooping I found out it was named after none other than Lady di herself. K.a the late Princess of Wales, diana. So if you are already lucky enough to own one of these bags then now you know your bag is steeped in a bit of royal history.

Lady dior bag strap
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    For those who lack the funds to buy the real thing, online bag hire sites such as m even offer the chance to rent a birkin. Trophy accessory: Celebrity fans of the hermès Birkin include hilary duff, katie holmes and Kelly Brook. 'It is not and has never been, hermès intention to create an artificial waiting list.

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    Overall this Lady dior replica bag is a good example of what a good replica bag should look like and what you should look for when shopping for one if you decide to go for a replica instead of a used or authentic! Lady, di herself. He would continue to define womens fashion throughout the 1950s and 1960s, with famous models like audrey hepburn and Marlene dietrich.

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    Royalty shines inside and out, from the bag s design to the ladies who carry. All long lead times experienced by customers are the consequence of capacity limitations or shortage in certain types, sizes or colours of skins. The newest models are in reflective silver, embroidered black and white, and graded calfskin.

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    It doesnt need a cannage weave, or detailed clasps. It begs you to take out a compact and touch up your bright red lipstick for a night on the town. Inside, a middle zipped pocket separates the bag into 2 compartments.

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